Marcus & Marcus Newborn Gift Set

RM 129.00

Marcus & Marcus Newborn Gift Set is the perfect gift for parents-to-be and newborns for occasions such as baby showers. Welcome the baby, whose smile and cries alike will be a source of wonder, happiness and fulfilment.

This set includes:
1X Security Blanket- Soothing blankets have been shown to be beneficial to children when they are away from their mother. It can aid with child development by offering emotional support while your baby develops their own independence.

BPA/Phthalate free
Hook on character’s hand to hold pacifier or toys
Sensory stimulation
Harmful chemicals free
Easy to clean

1X Sensory Teether- This teether is designed to simulate the different textures of food to develop a child’s food-related sensory experience.

BPA / Phthalates free
Food grade silicone rubber
Multi-textured surface for oral development
Ideal for picky eaters to develop their sensory experience
Soft silicone is gentle on baby’s gums
Can be chilled for a soothing teether

1X Flip n’ Strap- Marcus & Marcus flip n’strap makes parent's life easier by not having to repeatedly pick up the straw bottles, toys, pacifier and any items that may fall out of your baby’s hands.

BPA / Phthalates free
Food grade silicone rubber
Multi-use connector
Adjustable tail
Strap organiser

*Gift box included